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The Tray is a decoration piece that has gained more and more prominence due to its versatility. This because it can be used in any room in the house and helps in the organization of the rooms, in addition to complementing all styles of decor. Thinking in different formats and compositions that enable interaction with the needs of each person and place, the architect Bruna Busse developed with FITTO a line of trays that values the natural tones and textures of wood.
With a minimalist design, Nordic Trays are produced from the pieces of multilaminate sheets used in the production of FITTO furniture, which are cut into strips and glued manually to create a new sheet. “The sheets are machined and undergo manual sanding processes, with extreme care so that all the strips joined have a perfect finish”, explains Bruna. The design, minimalism and sustainability, characteristics of FITTO are visible in the Trays, which have 16 sizes and geometric shapes.

A tray is not just for taking a cup of tea or serving kitchen items, today the use of it represents the identity of a home. In addition to the possibility of using one or more pieces together, Bruna comments that Nordic trays “can enhance furniture, organize spaces and activities, promote comfort, exhibit and highlight pieces, recreate spaces and make sense of decorative objects.”

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