Rodrigo Silva


Born in Florianópolis, Rodrigo has his first contact with surfing at the age of 11 at Matadeiro beach. During the Santa Catarina Surf Circuit, in 1995, and at the age of 16, he started shaping his boards. Thus SRS Surfboards was born. During his career, he has shaped for athletes like Adam Melling, Matt Wilkinson, Nathan Hedge, Jesse Mendes, and WSL world champion Adriano de Souza. Currently, Silva is shaper for the SRS Team: Alejo Muniz, Beto Mariano, Fernando Fanta (in memoriam), Petterson Thomaz and Kiany Hyakutake. The only shaper in the country to be two times champion of the Master of Shape (2016/17) of The Board Trader Show in SP, replicating boards on the planer. “My love and the tireless search for the magic board took me to the shape room. The important thing is to be in the water because surfing is our essence”.


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